With Love from Indonesia to the World

Day Three: 23rd January 2007, From the Floor

“I thank you Sir, for granting me this opportunity.

One of my colleagues, who met with Dr. Karan Singh at the reception hosted by the Indian Embassy in Jakarta, shared with me Dr. Singh’s views on Spiritual Nationalism.

“This, in my opinion, is a very powerful term – Nationalism based on Spirituality. Our Country, our Constitution is also based on Spirituality. Our founding fathers were spiritual first, nationalist later. Their background, without any exception, was spiritual.

“Peace must also have spirituality as its ground.

We have been talking about poverty and injustice and ways to combat them. This is well and fine. We all must strive for that. But, in my opinion, those humanitarian acts alone cannot be the ground for peace. They are, in fact, expressions of peace.

“Peace must be raised on the platform of Spirituality.

Many of my countrymen, many of us, are Muslims – let me quote from the scriptures, from the Holy Qur’an – Peace or As Salaam is one of the attributes of the Almighty. I express the peace within, when I care for my neighbor. As said by the Prophet, if my neighbor feels insecure on my account, then I’m not yet religious. Or, if my neighbor sleeps on empty stomach, while I have plenty to eat – then, I have not yet known the true meaning of religion.

“His Excellency the Ambassador of Tunis raised a question, ‘Who are we?’ Who is referred as ‘we’ in this conference? What is the relation between you and me? Spirituality alone can answer such fundamental questions. We are brothers and sisters. We all come from One Source, and shall return to the same. I believe, this realization of Oneness alone can bring about genuine peace – Peace that is lasting.

Thank you.”

( ii )

“I thank you Sir, for granting me this second opportunity to share my views. I did not attend any of the group meetings yesterday; my colleagues though attended all three groups. However, since there is still this issue about the name PPN or Power of Peace Network – I would like to share with you three other alternatives that have just come to my mind:

  • Global Peace Networking,
  • Global Peace Collaboration, or
  • Global Peace Initiatives

“Correct me Sir, if there is any grammatical mistake.

Thank you.”

(Two of these three suggestions, i.e. Global Peace Collaboration and Initiatives were later incorporated in the body of presentation made for branding of the network)

( iii )

Because of the time constrain, this last one was not read out, but presented to the Organizers of the Conference:

“I must thank Ms. Shabana Azmi (UN Goodwill Ambassador, Member of Indian Parliament, Actress) for her definition of Peace. I fully endorse her definition. Yes, simply put, ‘Peace,’ as Ms Azmi said, ‘is the Celebration of Plurality’.

“She reminds us of the vision of our founding fathers, the founding fathers of this nation. Indeed, this celebration of plurality became the basis for their struggle to gain independence for the people of Indonesia. Later, this very vision was immortalized as the motto of our nation: Bhinneka Tunggal Ika – Unity in Diversity. Many, different, and yet One – United.

“We, Indonesians, must be proud of their vision – a Vision that has united our archipelago and made us one nation, one country, one people.

“Thank you.

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