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Logic of Dreams

When we are dreaming alone it is only a dream but when we are dreaming with others, it is right beginning of the reality.

I raise a question right here in the beginning of this chapter. People talk about their everyday dreams and fantasies. Before, we begin talking about dreams, I would love to ask that should we have dreams?

Well, I make a political answer right here both in Yes and No. I personally feel that one should not have dreams because when they don’t get turned into the reality; it hurts. But if we don’t have dreams, we nearly don’t have a vision or an objective to live. Now it personally depends on us to have them or not to have them.

The word “Dream”, is not exactly like it is mostly self-interpreted. There are many kind of dreams, of which one is the dream that we sketch ourselves during the preparing time to sleep. The other one that comes itself in the mid of our deep sleeps.

Lets begin with talking about self-sketched dreams. Most of us believe and practice this exercises before getting into deep sleeps. What do we construct? Well, everyone has his or her own set of desires. When it comes to me, I desire for a healthy family life but may when it comes to you, you may have desires to have a good job, education for children, going abroad or fantasies of your love life.

The fact that you may believe or deny, It is that every self-sketched dream turns into reality, but it takes some time. Let me be clear more on it. If I desire to be in arms of my loved one, and I practice this self-sketched dream everyday; the vibration of my thoughts take direction towards my loved one and transfer the message to her or him in telepathic codes.

Describing the same universal truth, The Source of Gravity explains that everything that has weight comes right down towards earth but everything that has no weight flies right towards the Sky. Gas and Sound Pollution is the right example flies all in the direction of sky. Similarly, Our thoughts have no weight; they fly towards the sky and reaches back to the one when he or she nearly desire for the same.

Let’s make it very simple with an example of two characters. (Mr.A & Ms.B). Mr.A sketches the dream of meeting and talking to Ms.B every night before sleeping in a calm environment, All his thoughts taking Ms.B remains in a virtually created “DreamBox”, one day when Ms.B feels anything about Mr.A, according to the law of virtual world; all thoughts of Mr.A automatically strikes in the mind of Ms.B in telepathic codes.

I am sure most of you may not agree this and must have an argue over it, but my set of ideas are not bound and similarly. I would love to drop an exercise here and would like to recommend it to few of you people who believe in this amazing set of mind power.

Take yourself to somewhere all in peaceful and calm place where you can’t see any one else beside nature. Sit in a comfortable position, Close your eyes and press them genitally, Feel the waterfall just beside you, the sound created by falling of water. Feel hearing voice of beautiful birds flying in the sky. Count those birds in all beautiful colors, see the red and green color birds flying, catch a bird and hold it in your hands, feel to love it. Feel the beautiful natural looks all around you and start counting back from 33 to 0 slowly. When you reach Zero, think about your desire and feel it they way you want.

If your desire is true and having no harm in it, trust on God that you will have it in an appropriate time. I would have never said it if I never experienced it. I desired for something in my childhood and practiced it the same way, trust me I had my desire calling me itself after three years but by the time I didn’t need those anymore.

The exercise I just mentioned is also helpful if you desire to get rid on any problem. It could be your joblessness or problems of your professional life, it could be your family problem or problem of your love life.

Lets’ talk a few about natural dreams, dream that comes in mid of the deep sleep. Sometimes we remember them and sometimes we don’t remember them. What is the prim logic of this weaken memory system. I have an idea again on which you may have arguments.

Strength of memorizing dreams, depends on the day you just had spend. If the day was full of pressure on mind, talking about things that hurt or hurting others; you mind may not recall the dream you had experience last night. Similarly if day went all in peace and relaxed, your mind gets in to a capability where you can recall your dream in the morning after deep sleep.

It is not an end, but before closing this chapter I need to say a few more things like, dreams are necessary to life and when we are dreaming alone it is only a dream but when we are dreaming with others, it is beginning of the reality.

by Zeeshan Sajwani

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