With Love from Indonesia to the World

Snacks for The Soul

Tidbits from Global Forum on The Power of Peace:
Using the Tools of Information and Communication
Hosted by UNESCO, in association with the Government of Indonesia,
in Bali (January 21st-23rd, 2007)

Collected by:Anand Krishna*

The following words are not mine; they are collected by me during the proceedings of the conference in Bali. These are remarks made by the panelists, speakers, and participants.

Unfortunately I could not keep track on their names, as to who said what. These statements or maxims therefore, bear no identity of the persons who made them. I deeply regret my carelessness and insensitivity in this matter and sincerely apologize for the same.

In case any of the participants to the conference is reading this compilation and can help me identify the statement-makers I would really appreciate it. Just e-mail me or the webmaster, and their names will be uploaded immediately.

  • Conflict does not always result in disharmony. It is how we address the conflict that results in disharmony.
  • Media must become Truth Seeker. Collecting facts alone is not sufficient.
  • We all must develop a sense of concern – as to what is in the interest of people. We should not always publish just whatever interest people.
  • Program ratings give rise to materialism.
  • This world spends 1,118 billion each year on arms and defense, whereas the third world countries need only 9 billion dollars each year to make improvements on their education system.
  • Media often take pride in being the watch dog of the society and the government. But, who is the watch dog of the media?
  • Media should not only report conflicts, it should also remember its role in resolving conflicts.
  • Good News must build new emotions in men and women – emotions like hope, peace, and joy etcetera. Whereas Bad News survives on the old emotions already present in all of us – that of hatred, jealousy and enmity etcetera.
  • A society will always have a media that it deserves.
  • World does not change without disagreements.
  • Media needs some new ingredients to set peace initiatives.
  • The old paradigm must change. Media must not succumb to sensational news alone, and must be made to realize that a Good News is worth reporting.
  • To prepare for future, we must not forget the youth of today. We must involve them – for they are the future generation.
  • Today’s media must be self-sustaining. It can no longer depend on advertisers. Advertising business worldwide is declining.
  • Idealism can bring a lasting change, but we still need means to realize such idealism. By matchmaking the two groups, Peace is ensured.
  • Create the climate where change can occur.
  • Appreciation for films with social message should be taught in the schools.
  • Social and economic independence may cease suffering.
  • Do not depend on the traditional/conventional Medias, be your own journalist. You can now use web casting to put across your message, to say whatever you want to say.
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