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WE CAN END SUFFERING: If We Work Together To That End

Enough of suffering, we have suffered much…

The question is: How to end suffering? Can it be ended? And if it can be ended, then how do we end it?

It is my firm belief that suffering can be ended. It is my conviction that we are not in this world to suffer. Pain is not natural to us. Suffering is foreign to human soul. It is like a virus that cause dis-“ease” and makes us uneasy. It is a sickness, a curable sickness. We are not condemned to suffer. No.

We must, first of all, identity suffering as suffering. For, it is only then that we can work our way out of it. It is only then that we can put our efforts to end it.

Ever since Tsunami hit us in Aceh, we have been suffering for one reason or another. earthquakes, storms, floods and volcanic eruptions – not to mention social conflicts often ignited by religious sentiments – the archipelago’s suffering seems to be never ending.


Is it because Mother Nature is trying to tell us something and we are not getting the message? Is it because we do not acknowledge our suffering as suffering? Is it because we are not learning the lesson that must be learnt from such experiences? Therefore, Mother Nature must subject us to the same lesson time and again.

* Many of us hit by recent floods in Jakarta are compelled to leave our houses and live in public halls in very poor and pitiable conditions. But, when one of us is being interviewed by the TV, we all flock by the person being interviewed. We are all smiles and giggles because of the prospect of being watched on the TV screen. For the moment we forget our pain and suffering.
* We keep complaining that the government has not done much to cease our suffering? But, what have we done to end our own suffering? A beggar is taken to the rehabilitation center and given some kind of training so she stops begging on the traffic lights. She leaves the center and begs again. Interviewed by TV, she proudly presents her case. By begging from 13:00 hours in the afternoon until 18:00 hours in the evening, she can make more than 30,000 rupiahs. That is the minimum. So, why should she undergo the training that can only guarantee her a job with lower wage?
* A pack of rice with some vegetables and a piece of dried fish can so very easily make us forget our pain and suffering. We are used to begging and being helped, used to live on charity.

We have become insensitive to pain and suffering, indeed very sensitive. We do not feel the pain. Bali can be bombed twice, Jakarta can be bombed several times, as long as we are safe, our properties and families are safe – we do not care.

It is such insensitivity that has made us suffer time and again. Pain and suffering must be felt by us in our bones and marrow – it is only then that we shall get up and work to put an end to it.

Know the cause of suffering.

Know suffering as a result of something that you have done. Yes, it is caused by you, by me, by us. We are responsible for our painful experiences and suffering.

I consider it as a crime to delude people that pain and suffering are caused by some god sitting on heavenly throne, to try us, to test our faith in him. Such explanations given by our religious preachers, such statements made by some of our dignitaries are certainly not dignified.

Our painful experiences, our sufferings are caused by us. We have to take this responsibility in order to work our way out of such experiences. Stop finding faults in anyone. Stop blaming others. I am responsible for my suffering, and therefore I must work to put an end to it.

All these natural disasters are not God’s Will; it is not what God wills for human being. No. It is our own doing. We have caused the Global Warming. Rise of temperature of the waters in our seas and oceans have caused all this. And, we have caused the rise. Right now, it is only 0.5 to 1% rise of the temperature at the surface… We dare not imagine any further rise.

We have been abusing Mother Nature.

We have insulted the environment and damaged the entire eco-system. The result is now very clear for all of us to see.

If we do not do anything about it, then in our archipelago alone almost 2,000 islands can drown. This was broadcasted by Voice of America and relayed by Metro TV (Indonesia) on the 5th of February 2007.

So far the governments of United States of America and the Communist China have not done much to reduce the carbon dioxide emission that is the main reason of global warming. The reason given by them has been a very classic one: It may affect their industries and result in unemployment. A reason, I am sorry to say, is not very intelligent. Of what use are the industries and employment, if we lose this planet?

We have to seriously do some thinking, indeed deep contemplation and handle this situation more wisely, intelligently. The developed as well developing countries must be made to realize that what they do is not affecting them alone, but affecting the whole world.

For sake of so called “development”, we cannot afford to lose this planet. We cannot afford to cause deaths to the population of this world. Any material development, success and progress will mean nothing if we lose this planet, this house where we are living.

I must therefore request all my brothers and sisters, the Indonesian, the members of world community to seriously think on these things and take the necessary steps to save our planet. We can do it, by making intelligent use of our household electronic items – by spending a little more on the more environment friendly machines.

The governments, especially in the developing nations like Indonesia, and particularly the regional government of Bali must now start thinking about public transportation. The ever increasing number of private vehicles, not to mention motorbikes and scooters must now be checked, controlled, and stopped.

Last but not least, to assert our seriousness, our determination to save Mother Earth, let us repeat the following affirmation at 18:30 hours local time wherever we are:

I Love You Earth;
I Love You Skies;
I Love Waters in the Oceans,
the Rivers and the Seas;

I Love Fire, the Primal Energy;
I Love You Air;
And, I Love You Space,
The Infinite.

Let Us ever Live Together in
Peace, Love, and Harmony;
Caring for Each Other,
And Loving One Another.

Let Us Work Together for
The Betterment of the World,
And The Universe.
Amin, Amen, Sadhu, Om Shanti…
(The Last Line is Optional)

You can then end it with a prayer according to your religion or belief system. if you can do this by the river bed or beach, it would be good to then sing a song of Love, cheerful. Dance in joy, celebrate life. Remember, we are not here to suffer. We are here to celebrate life. This global warming that threatens our celebration can be stopped. We can stop it. Remember, we at least owe this much to our children – to the future generations!

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