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Archipelago Local Legend with Scientific and Spiritual Comprehension

Rawa Pening legend

A giant snake desired to be a human to follow a King word. He did penance by surrounding Mount Ungaran waist so that his tail could achieve the mouth. Only when the mouth could bite its tail, he would turn into a human. He only ate anything passsed in front of his mouth. After ten years, his body nerves had become insensible, he could not sense his body, but each year the body became longer about 10 centimeters and in a few years more his mouth could achieve its tail.

A group of hunter from nearby village had not gotten prey animals, and sitted on long “trunk” to have a rest. When a hunter cut the “trunk” surprisingly he saw blood flew from the “trunk”. They are joyful and sliced the “trunk” as big as buffalo and brought it to the village as the result of their hunting. They did not realize that the “trunk” was a giant snake.

When people from the village had a party with steak and soup of this “trunk” which tasted very delicious, a hunger poor beggar child asked for a plate of food. The beggar child was chased away and then, he visited an old widow who did not come to the party. The child was served a simple food, and he was very happy. After that, the child came to the party and stabbed palm leaf rib at the soil. He challenged everybody to pull it out and the result was that there was not even one man was able to pull it out. The child then pulled that palm leaf rib and from that place, water spurted out without end. The water spurted out greater and greater and drowned the entire village with all citizens, and only kind-hearted old widow was saved. That valley is called Rawa Pening.

What be eaten influence human body and its action that follow it

In human body is found animal basic needs i.e. eating, drinking, sleeping, sexual intercourse and resting. In that basic needs human is same with animal. Consuming animal can arouse animal potential character within himself. The entire of village citizens had eaten snake body and they were un-logic influenced so that they had been harder and did not care towards others who needed food also. The old widow woman, appeared to be a stupid woman at village that she did not want to come to the “world party”. She had a simple food consumption and had inner heart to help the child. Stupid for the world but smart spiritually and full affection towards others.

When the village citizens concentrated the attention towards low “chakras” i.e. basical human needs, the stupid grand woman achieved higher “chakra”, love affection. When majority villager were logic, why they had to give delicious food to another person, the old woman exceeded logic, she used a feeling, a compassion to others. Her intuition has aroused and she helped another person with her intuition.

It is also realized that snake or other animal only eats when they are hungry. When a snake has consumed a prey animal into his body, he do penance for months until the food finished digested. Different with many human, his greedy exceeds the animal. He will accumulate the treasure which will not finished consumed until he will leave the world. There is fear in human himself if he doesn’t get again his portion and he accumulates exceed his need. Human with his mind, feeling true with his opinion and going away from Him, The Very Giver. Fulfiling the greediness, human forgets ethics and closing affection character towards human being and environment.

Human fear towards hunger actually has begun when he was born out from the mother’s pregnancy. During pregnancy as fetus, food is filled by the mother. When he was born, he was assaulted by hunger fear. Then, he is sufficed with the mother milk. Less attention in early age will make potential fear hunger expand and become potential for greedy.

Water used as finishing legend has showed that the legend maker has realized that water is a natural element. Justice water that appear out can not be dammed. He has fairness, indiscriminate, he enters decrefit or luxurious house and he always flat. Justice water can not be depressed, it only beat by intelligence fire that can make it “lost” to water steam or a humility valley whom he fill it.

Local legend with Scientific and Spiritual Comprehension

Besides this legend, At Rawa Pening region is found an ancestor message that is told heredityly. That Javaneese language translation message is : “Future when Watu Gong (Gong Stone, name of place) become kingdom and Watu Kodok (Frog Stone, a hill likes frog) jumps to Demak (Name of far away place), Rawa Pening for playing ground quail birds, will come a great disaster. Nowadays, Watu Gong has became a settlement, Watu Kodok has been excavated and transferred for filling swampy areas near Demak. Lake of Rawa Pening become shallow due to excessive sedimentation and become quails playground. Therefore flooding often occur because environment damage. Wise foresight ancestors have seen future ecological damages can causes the floods.

We have forgotten nation spirit for long times, time has come that we must return to dig archipelago culture treasure. There is still many pearls in it and we are wasting times busy looking for toy stone from outside. Time has come that we have to use mind as a tool and do not make it as leader. Let the concience, inner hearts lead ourselves.


July 2008.

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