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Laziness in Comfort Zone Written in Jangka-Jayabaya’s Script

Citation of the Jangka-Jayabaya’s script

Akeh kelakuan sing ganjil

Wong apik padha kapencil

Akeh wong gawe kabecikan padha krasa isin

Luwih utama ngapusi

Translation in English,

Many odd behaviour

Good people isolated

Many persons shy to act good things

Cheating is a more priority

Guidance from outside and not from inner self

If we are honest, in Indonesia’s todays society, it happens that there is a laziness to use mind. Acting good needs awareness and it is not easy to carry out it, in an instant culture society, an easygoing culture society. Person glads when society or certain institution decides haram-halal, good-bad for himself. People aware that they are doing wrong things, but because their society keeps silent, so they choose opinion that they have not done wrong things. If such condition happens frequently, they will close the inner awareness and depend on outside opinion. At one time, when they attempt to do wrong things, their inner heart remind it, but they look around at instruction outside that permit it. The smart sly mind justifies the action, and the inner heart places into the corner. They are that want to do good things coming from their sound mind, exactly cornerred by the society. Most of people cheat their ownselves. Jangka-Jayabaya Script did not give a wrong expression: Many odd bahaviour; Good people is isolated; Many persons shy to act good things; Cheating is given more priority.

A shackle comfort zone

In a state of lazy and hoping for fun themselves, it is really comfort to hang on outside opinion, furthermore if decision gived by outside institution can justify their action. Outside institution only related to outer, shariat, physical, or visible law, and it is difficult to enter inner heart. Hoping fun themselves, forgetting awareness, making people shackled in comfort zone where there is unnecessary brain worry about, and conscience is moved to the side.

Defending self in comfort zone means a human cheat. Depending on outside evaluation and having fun for ownself do not make happy? Efforts cheating ownself will not success. Human that cheating himself, means he lets himself cheated. There is a law of nature that thinking, saying and acting been done are seeds and they will give results in a next suitable time. Somebody knows that a group of persons make wrong thing and he lets it done and thinks: “What is the relation with me? ”, someday it will come a moment that he treated inequitable and another person lets it done.

A lazy person who follows a lazy society and keeps quiet when see a wrong thing done, will not change the society better. He is less sensitive likes that he has seen a wound in the body, but he lets it until become fester. He who is sensitive but lazy also knows that the wound can become fester, but he keeps quiet and thinks that the fester wound recovers itself.

Somebody can create a comfort zone and bumpers. Perhaps he can comfort the body but, how can he comfort his soul? The soul is a witness that never deceited.

Somebody is part of a society, so he must start a good thing himself and this action followed by people around him. They are who wait New Age’s coming, but still live in a comfort zone like life in a fantasy world. We must begin new life and people around will follow us and New Age is created.


July 2008.

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