With Love from Indonesia to the World

Reflection: Is There Any Love for Indonesia ?

When we live our daily routine and ritual, have we ever think, is there any love for our country, Indonesia ? By ‘love’ here, I mean love that come into reality. Not only wondering or speaking about love.

Last month, something happened to me. Something that never cross my mind could be happened to me. I was one of Monas, June 1st 2008 tragedy’s victim. That day, some people want to force their belief to our constitution with violation. That day, Pancasila was despised, right on its birthday. This tragedy leave marks both physicly and mentally within me. But my reaction is not likely.

Before the tragedy, I do understand that as a citizen I have an obligation to know my country and my state symbols, such as Pancasila and Constitution. And I also understand about nationalism, and that I must spread this nationalism spirit. This tragedy should make me stop spreading the nationalism spirit, this tragedy shold fear me. Because I was in the scene, face to face, with a group of people who clearly do not have any sense of nationalism, despising Pancasila, with their violant action. I have witnessed a group of people who want to eliminate differences, from internal differences in their religion, and might be all differences which is build us as a nation, with their violant action. But my reaction, once again, is not likely. I am anything but stop, I am anything but fear. That day I saw Mother Earth is being raped. That day I saw disintegration came into reality. I must not stop at all. I must not fear at all. Suddenly, I fall in love to Indonesia, I am crazy about this country. And I need to spread this love everywhere, everytime.

This love change my routine and ritual, from daily basis into offering to Mother Earth. And this love is so plenteous, that I can not keep it for myself. I need to share it. I need to share it in a ‘voice’, readable ‘voice’ and hearable ‘voice’. Soft yet firm ‘voice’. ‘Voice’ that will make a group of people who have any agenda or scenario to replace Pancasila with any other concept, who have intention to break our unity as a nation, or who want to force their belief into our constitution, will think twice. ‘Voice’ that will always defend Pancasila as our way of life in Indonesia, ‘voice’ that will strengthen our unity as a nation, and ‘voice’ that always put Constitution above all. ‘Voice’ that will remain non violance yet firm.

Our country 63th independence day is coming, is there any love for our Indonesia ? Love to Mother Earth, that come into reality in daily basis, to handle any kind of threats, disturbances, obstacles and challenges ahead. It begins from ourselves, from countrymen and countrywomen who love their Mother Earth.

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