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Ojo Nggege Mongso, Do Not Shorten The Season, Do Not Work In A Hurry

Achieving many result in a short time

The spirit for the busy people is ”Time is money”, so they work efficiently. In Indonesia, their children are entered to school very early stydying foreign languages and mastering science subject as much as possible. For executing the burden job, their having fast lunch at fast food counter, eating is even also interrupted with phones and sms by selular phone. Solonese girls do not walk likes Macan Luwe, an Hungry Tiger, an elegant steps. Their rhythm of shoe steps like a rap music. A greedy human mind wants to do many things at one moment.

Nature is not always moving fast

My friend, a doctor from Jepara Kelet Hospital told that nature is not alway moving fast. Eating must that slow therefore food is perfect chewed and giving time for intestines prepare digestion enzyms. Regulating breath formerly, continued by praying before meal and thank to God expresivelly after finishing meal will influence digestion organs and also will tranquilize brain nerves. How expensive and sophisticated human digestion organs, and eating in a hurry does not appreciate the high value organ. It is like driving a luxurious car inaccurately.

Giving various subject in early age is only developing a left brain. Subject scoring values for children trigger on left brain use. Children should play enough, so that the right brain can be developed. That is why many persons are too serious and work like robots, uncreative, because the right brain is less developed. Working with left brain causes full logic and people always pay attention for profit or loss and have consequences that affection and forgiveness character from inner heart are pulled over to the side.

Working hastily, making a fast breath vibration rythm, and on a long term will increase the blood pressure. When somebody takes breath calmer, the vibration brain is slower and the mind is clear and problems appeared finished easily.

Work constantly until harvesting time arrived

Chicken’s egg hatched 21 days, rice seed harvested after 140 days, mango seed produced fruits after 6 years, teak tree growed 25 years to get a satisfy result. For whom believe in karma law, deed consequences are even also wait to next birth. According to them that is why some children born in happy families or the opposite ones. It is Need a long time waiting children become adult. Changing character is also need a long time. The important thing is that human must work constantly waiting the result come. Somebody that wait egg hatches without clutched or heating mechanically is like waiting in vain. Intelegent ancestors said sepi ing pamrih rame ing gawe, ojo nggege mongso, works hard never think the result, do not shortening the season, do not work in a hurry untill the harvesting time arrive.

August 2008

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