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Climate change and its impact on all of us

“So, what brings you here?” asked the U.S. immigration officer while looking at my passport and eying my face at the same time. I was at the Los Angeles International Airport, my gateway into the United States. So, in compliance with U.S. immigration law, I had to go through immigration clearance there — although my destination was New York. “I am here to attend the UN conference.” I...

Ancient lessons to help us fight climate change

Thousands of years ago — to be precise around 10,000 BC — we faced a similar climate problem to what we are facing today. According to one popular Hindu legend, contamination had poisoned the seas and the oceans. It was a terrible situation. The polluted waters caused poisonous gases that threatened life on earth. At that time, the whole world united to deal with the crisis. All wars between the nations...

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