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Universal Character of Nature

Watching closely bee’s life The food source of bees are nectars from flowers. For example, bees live in kelengkeng tree at Ambarawa’s region, getting food from kelengkeng tree flower. Because kelengkeng tree flowers are only blossom in such season, so bees keep nectars they collected with a special liquid from their body to used as food when there is no flower at the tree. That nutritious mixture is...

Logic of Dreams

When we are dreaming alone it is only a dream but when we are dreaming with others, it is right beginning of the reality. I raise a question right here in the beginning of this chapter. People talk about their everyday dreams and fantasies. Before, we begin talking about dreams, I would love to ask that should we have dreams? Well, I make a political answer right here both in Yes and No. I personally feel that one...

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