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Indonesia, the Ahmadiyya and radical Islam

Radical Islam in Indonesia is on the march, and the religious pluralism enshrined in the doctrine of Pancasila is coming under direct attack. Last week the Indonesian government has issued a joint ministerial decree telling the heretical Muslim Ahmadiyya movement to ‘stop spreading interpretations and activities’ which deviate from orthodox Islam. That decree has implications for other minorities as...

WE CAN END SUFFERING: If We Work Together To That End

Enough of suffering, we have suffered much… The question is: How to end suffering? Can it be ended? And if it can be ended, then how do we end it? It is my firm belief that suffering can be ended. It is my conviction that we are not in this world to suffer. Pain is not natural to us. Suffering is foreign to human soul. It is like a virus that cause dis-“ease” and makes us uneasy. It is a sickness, a curable...

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