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Archipelago Local Legend with Scientific and Spiritual Comprehension

Rawa Pening legend A giant snake desired to be a human to follow a King word. He did penance by surrounding Mount Ungaran waist so that his tail could achieve the mouth. Only when the mouth could bite its tail, he would turn into a human. He only ate anything passsed in front of his mouth. After ten years, his body nerves had become insensible, he could not sense his body, but each year the body became longer about...

Another Story from the Monas Incident

Sunday, the 1st June of 2008 is just a fine sunny day until about 13.30 pm. I was to be an eye-witness of a bloody event that now has opened many people eyes in Indonesia about how dangerous religious fanaticism is. At that time a horrid violence happened at the “heart” of Jakarta, The National Monument or as it is called “Monas”. I am a member of NIM (National Integration Movement). On that day, NIM joined AKKBB (...

A blessed afternoon with Dalai Lama

I still could not believe my luck as I saw His Holiness Dalai Lama crossing the stage to the microphone and greeting the audience. on June 9, 2007.. I mean, last January I was watching a video about Tibet and Dalai Lama and was thinking of how lucky I would be if I could meet him. And this afternoon in the chilly Melbourne afternoon I saw him. A beautiful soul who becomes the very symbol of peace and hope for this...

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