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Universal Character of Nature

Watching closely bee’s life

The food source of bees are nectars from flowers. For example, bees live in kelengkeng tree at Ambarawa’s region, getting food from kelengkeng tree flower. Because kelengkeng tree flowers are only blossom in such season, so bees keep nectars they collected with a special liquid from their body to used as food when there is no flower at the tree. That nutritious mixture is called honey. To watch over the quality, honey temperature is maintained around 35 degrees Celcius. When the weather is hot, bees make windy air with their wings. They prevent foreign creatures disturbance by some watchbees that will chase away them. They keep from bacteria outside with ”resin” which can harden their nest also. Their house are hexagonal forms which is the most efficient in nature, strong structure, with minimal amount walls produced gives maximal volume. The question is why bees make excessively amount of honey and far exceed their need? Why do bees give more to human?

More giving than receiving

Chicken lays one egg every day, and it is much greater amount than it is used to make chicken offspring. Cows are also produce milk exceeds their need for their calf. Rice at rice fields produces far rice grains exceed amount to maintain the species continuation. Mango trees are also produce more mangoes than needed to maintain species preservation. Cassava plants give leaves for human consumption, so its tubes. They only need remaining throwned away sticks to make new plants. Human gets profit with take care of them.

In Shrimad Bhagavatam’s, it is found a story about Little Krishna with his friends played game and after felt hot they sheltered below a tree at Govardhana’s hill. Krishna exclaims: ”Look! How friendly does this tree, her branches prepare an umbrella for hot and rain. She doesn’t sigh for hurricane and rain, also from the frozen winter. When someone approached kindly, she is never chase away with empty-handed. The leaves, the flower, the fruit, even branches and its body whole dedicated. Without trained a holy book, a tree did bhakti, devotion far better than best human.

It is clear that Bhagavad Gita said in Chapter 3 Text 12, “The Gods, replete with sacrifice will fulfill your desires. But, the one who doesn’t offer any sacrifice to the gods but enjoy the natural gifts given by god is considered a thief”. In Text 13, “The pious who ensure to offer their food first to the gods and then eat only what is leftover are said to perform sacrifice even while eating and are thus relieved of all evil. Wicked are those who cook and eat all by themselves. Such people get to eat only impurities”.

Various human awareness level

Follows Guru teachings, there are development in human awareness level. From base that is sex ,looking for ownself satisfaction. Robbing, seizing without care to others, influenced by ego, individualistic character. Furthermore awareness is love, receiving something but also giving a substitution. Working and getting payment, buying and receiving goods. In this case is a logic action. Then come to love affection, more giving than receiving. Here, it is elaborate un-logic, but with feelingness. Universe affection character is more giving than receiving. Earth gives all to creatures live on, Sun heatens all creatures without un-fairness. Someday, it comes a moment, an awareness question ”Who am I”? “Could I really help”? All right, I am only a servant, let’s me serve, my hand is a lenghten of His arm such as those done by bees, chickens, cows, and also rice plants. Until it comes a moment that “ Who am I? I merely His tool”. All are His deed, that is only His existence. Thanks Guru.

Triwidodo, July 2007.

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